What Do Your Plants Sound Like?


What do your plants sound like? 

As a MIDI Sprout user, do you ever get questions like, “I wonder what <insert plant here> sounds like?” Do you find it baffling that there isn’t a place where we can all go and tune into a rose, or a snake plant or oak tree? 

Well, we just had a crazy idea. What if we compiled sounds from all of our users using the MIDI Sprout app and put together an album? Wouldn’t that be cool? Then, next time someone asks you what your plant sounds like, you could send them to Spotify to hear it along with the songs of dozens of other plants.

With that, we want to hear from you… and your plants! Select recordings will be included on a plant music album and streamed online through our various channels. 

Submissions must

  • be made using MIDI Sprout and the MIDI Sprout app for iOS.
  • be 3-6 minutes in length
  • be made without touching the plant during the recording
  • be recorded via video using the Screen Recorder native to iOS 11(this gives us system audio)
  • include a photo of the plant
  • follow the instructions below

Instructions for Getting The Best Recording

  • After setting up your MIDI Sprout and getting it running, unplug the electrode leads (white wire) from the front of the device and wait for the sound to stop before recording
  • To start the recording, start the Screen Recorder and then plug in the electrode leads.
  • To end the recording, unplug the electrode leads, wait for all sound to stop, and then wait another few seconds before stopping Screen Recorder. This will create a pleasant clean ending to the recording.
Joe Patitucci