New MIDI Sprouts Now Shipping!


MIDI Sprout has gotten an update! Due to popular demand, we have chosen to replace the original cardboard enclosure with bioplastic to increase durability while also continuing to make use of renewable plant-based materials. The new enclosure is actually made from non-GMO corn and cork!

We've re-stocked our inventory and MIDI Sprouts are now shipping. Get yours today!

Why the new enclosure?


When we originally launched our Kickstarter for MIDI Sprout, our goal was for the device to have a corn plastic enclosure. Unfortunately, costs for such a small run of units were prohibitively expensive. Committing to staying true to our ethos of having a biodegradable enclosure, we chose to go with the iconic cardboard design produced by one of our supporters. Customers loved the statement we were making by releasing a biodegradable plant music product and we were so happy to get this device out to the world.

Learn more about the history of MIDI Sprout.

Joe Patitucci