MIDI Sprout for iPhone

MIDI Sprout for iPhone


MIDI Sprout for iPhone

Paired with the MIDI Sprout App for iOS, the MIDI Sprout allows you to listen to your plants play harmonious sounds designed by our team of artists. Experience the way patterns and melodies change in relationship to fluctuations in your environment.

MIDI Sprout allows creatives to use plants and other living things to control audio and video synthesizers in real time.

Package includes:

  • MIDI Sprout biodata sonification device

  • iConnectMIDI1 Lightning to MIDI adapter

  • Electrode leads

  • Three pairs of reusable electrode pads

  • Link to manual and user community

Technical Specifications

  • ⅛” Input (for electrode leads)

  • Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)

  • MIDI Output

  • Lightning Output

  • Requires an iOS device with a Lightning connector (iPhone 5 and up)


Shipping Time:

Please allow 10 days for US shipping and 20 days for international shipping



MIDI Sprout requires connection to an iPhone, MIDI synthesizer, or Digital Audio Workstation to produce sound.

*VAT / Customs fees may apply on international orders and vary by country.

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