Using MIDI Sprout on your body

Here’s a little secret for you. You don’t need a plant to use MIDI Sprout. Since our device works by measuring the variation in connection between two metal probes, you can also use the MIDI Sprout in other creative ways beyond plant music. Please note that for this experiment, you will not need the sticky pads.

After you’ve connected your MIDI Sprout to a sound device (iPhone running our app, a synthesizer or a digital audio workstation) hold onto the two probes on the ends of the white wire that connects to your MIDI Sprout. We call this white wire the lead. Your MIDI Sprout should light up and you will begin to hear sound.

Notice how the patterns change depending on how tightly you grip the probes. Experiment. Try holding one of the probes firmly in one hand and then varying your grip with the other. Can you do this slowly enough to feel you have control over whether the notes ascend or descend?

Try holding the two probes as you’re in a relaxed or meditative position. If you really relax and there becomes little or no variation in your grip on the probes, you might notice your MIDI Sprout produce a single note repeatedly or it might even go silent. Now, you’re super chill and that’s a great place to be.

Can’t get there? No worries. Just like plants, our state or “vibration” is changing all the time and if you’re in a fidgety mood, it’s going to be difficult to get your device to play one note. Maybe you can try again while relaxing before bed or early in the morning before having coffee.

Let us know what you find! Post on Instagram, mention @midisprout and use the hashtag #midisprout



Jo Tabor