Using the MIDI Sprout App

Did you know that you don’t need a MIDI Sprout in order to play with our app? While the MIDI Sprout iOS app was designed for use with our hardware to listen to plants, we’ve also built it with humans in mind.

With MIDI Sprout for iOS, you have a world of harmonious plant music at your fingertips. By touching the Data Garden logo on the screen, you can play your own melodies. You’ll notice that when you slide your finger across the screen from left to right, you will hear the notes ascend in pitch. When you slide your finger from the top of the screen towards the bottom, you’ll increase the intensity of effects like delay and reverb resulting in a blissful ambient wash. And there’s more. Quickly slide your finger from top to bottom to top, repeatedly, and you’ll hear a pitch bend / vibrato effect.

Now that you’re familiar with how the instrument works, download the MIDI Sprout for iOS app for yourself and try it out. Compose on the fly with just the stroke of a finger. Get to know the sounds and instruments and imagine them being played by a plant.

If you have a MIDI Sprout, you can play along with your plant and engage in a call and response. Are you able to replicate the patterns your plant is playing? Is your plant playing patterns back to you that are similar to what you play? A world of exploration is waiting for you. Start playing and let us know what you find.

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