Top 4 Features Coming to MIDI Sprout


We Hear You!

Many of you took part in our survey a couple months back to share what you love about MIDI Sprout and what types of updates to our hardware and software you’d like to see.

Here are the top 4 features we’re focusing on  based on your feedback.


Sensors for smaller plants

Many of you want to listen to small plants or grasses that are too small for our electrodes. We get it! We do too! In fact, many of you have asked where we got the clips we use in some of our videos (we get them here, btw). Moving forward, we will be including these clips along with the sticky electrodes currently included. 


Make the app available for Mac Desktop / Laptop

Many of you want to use the MIDI Sprout app but don’t have an iPhone. When presented the possibility of an app for Android, Mac or PC, survey respondents overwhelmingly indicated (2 to 1) their preference for an app for Macs. With that, we’ve made our app available for use on Mac computers. Check it out!

So, where does that leave us with Android? Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a cable available on the market that would allow us to connect the MIDI Sprout to an Android. Because of this, any Android development has been put on the backburner. 


More instrument and key options in the iOS app

MIDI Sprout for iPhone users are loving our iOS app and they want more! More instruments, more key options and more customization. We get it! We do too! So, we’re working on new sound packs we plan on making available through the app.


Record Plant Music In-App

A lot of you want to record your plants in our app so you can listen to them later. That’s a great idea! We’re working on building that into the app and including ways of sharing your music.

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