Let's Bring PlantWave to Life!


An evolution of the MIDI Sprout, PlantWave is the future of plant music technology. Just attach two sensors to a plant’s leaves and PlantWave will connect wirelessly to an iOS or Android device running our app. The app will have instruments we’ve built for plants to play. PlantWave will also work easily with pro music equipment.

But we can't bring PlantWave to life without you! Kickstarter is all or nothing, so in order for this project to happen we need to meet our $80,000 goal or it won't be funded.

You can support today by pre-ordering your very own PlantWave with a pledge on our Kickstarter. Pre-orders on Kickstarter give you a 26% discount on the eventual retail price of $299. And, you'll only be charged if we get fully funded by October 27, so a pledge is no risk to you.

Your pledge will allow us to continue development and begin manufacturing for delivery in late Spring of 2020. Even more importantly, your pledge will help give plants a voice.

We hope you'll consider supporting PlantWave today.

Joe Patitucci