MIDI Sprout is Becoming PlantWave


If you’re visiting this site to buy a MIDI Sprout, you may have noticed that we’re sold out. As a person who doesn’t (yet) have a MIDI Sprout, that may feel like bad news. We’re happy to report that we will be making more available soon and we’re also working on a new version of the device.


We’re Launching a Kickstarter on 9/24 for an Updated Version of MIDI Sprout

We’re calling it PlantWave

Inspired by responses to a survey of our users and email list subscribers, we have decided it’s time to make some major improvements to our plant music experience. If you’re an Android user, this is a very exciting time for you. If you’re an iOS user, well, there’s lots of reasons for you to be excited, too!

So, what are we working on? We’re upgrading our technology for wireless connectivity to iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth and WiFi. We’re adding a rechargeable LI battery and a USB port for power and data transmission. We’re working on an upgraded version of our app for iOS and Android that will allow you to change instruments, scale, key, listen to multiple plants at once and even record your plants for later listening!

But we can’t do this without you! We need to get enough pre-orders through our Kickstarter to make this economically feasible and bring PlantWave to life!

We know you’re curious about price. PlantWave will be offered via Kickstarter for $220, a 26% discount off of the eventual retail price. In fact, we’ll have a few PlantWaves available for $200 for our first 50 backers. :-).

So, mark your calendars for September 24th and be one of the first to get your hands on the future of plant music, which will be delivered in the spring of 2020!


PlantWave sounds amazing! What about MIDI Sprout?

We have plans to make 50 more of the current version of MIDI Sprout. We will be making these available for pre-order via the Kickstarter which will live at PlantWave.com on September 24th. We’ll deliver the MIDI Sprouts in November of this year, just in time for the holidays. And if you want to purchase both the current version of MIDI Sprout and a PlantWave, we’ll have options for you on the Kickstarter.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you all for your patience, feedback and support as we look to bring you the best plant music experience possible. Again, mark your calendars for September 24th, and we’ll make waves together!

Joe Patitucci